Reading Partners | Amanda Kuan

My name is Amanda.  I’ve been really enjoying my experience for CSLP! For a little over a month, I have been a tutor for reading partners and I really enjoy it!  Initially, I was hesitant about doing CSLP because I am considerably lazy but I figured it would be a better us of my time than sleeping in until noon/watching Netflix.  CSLP keeps me  busy and has helped me with time management.  Since I don’t have those hours to slack off, I noticed I have become more motivated to finish my school work and just more responsible. At Seaton Elementary, I get the pleasure of working with children of different ages in reading/literacy.  My time there made me recall all of the things I’ve learned in my classes in that children are going to be at different levels of learning, I can only imagine how hard it is for some of them to be in the classroom with a teacher that might assume that the children  are all at a uniform reading level and don’t need personal assistance. That is why as a tutor, I feel responsible to help them as much as I can so they  can feel more confident in reading! With all the different students that I tutored I keep in mind that asking  questions is key for guiding the children in understanding materials and giving them opportunity to think.  It is also a good tool for me to evaluate where the student is.  As an aspiring elementary school teacher, my time with  tutoring and CSLP has been valuable and has been a stepping stone in the preparation of becoming a future educator.


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