N Street Village | Georgia Konstantilieri

My name is Georgia Konstantilieri and I am majoring in Psychology and minoring in International Business. I am relating the organization that I’m currently working at, called N Street Village to my Sociology class. I am involved in positions within the organization, such as preparing and serving food, giving medicine to the women, monitoring the computer lab by helping the women write their CV and responding to their questions about the functions of the computers. In addition, in March I will volunteer in the N Street Village Annual Gala, which is an event that both wants to honor the achievements of the women, and also celebrate the history of the organization.

When I started searching for an organization that I wanted to volunteer for, I had in mind that by me just volunteering, and helping even a little bit, it would make a difference. Also, I realized that starting from very little you can have a big impact. Therefore, I didn’t have any specific expectation rather than actually feeling that I offer my service in a beneficial way. Not only I met that expectation, but also I realized I was gaining so many other experiences. Volunteering in N Street Village motivated me personally. I came across so many different willing women are that are not only homeless but also are struggling with many other issues in their lives, such as health problems, mental illness, addiction, violence, abuse and unemployment. This made me realize how I should never give up and always work for self-improvement.

What surprised me the most is the positive attitude all women have, and how much they love life. It is truly touching seeing all these women with smiles on their faces. Not only, are all the volunteers and workers in the organization very nice, but they also make it seem like they are a family. This is very cute and it touched me a lot.

The class I am taking is relating with the organization because in the class we are studying social stratification, and how the different classes function. Interestingly, we talked about an article called “The rich get richer and the poor get in jail”, which actually showed how disadvantaged people do not have that much the opportunity to achieve and upgrade their lives. What is amazing from my organization, is that it tries to break that social rule, and try to give woman equal opportunity or resources in order to manage and succeed their dreams.

So far, my biggest learning take-aways is that being motivated and having good faith, as well as willingness to work a lot is stronger than what it sounds in words.


One thought on “N Street Village | Georgia Konstantilieri

  1. Great work! I am interested to see how you theorize the structural barriers the women have encountered. And, what you make of the fact that they work hard, want to work hard, but that does not always lead to material success.


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