Nickolaus Mack | Code of Support Foundation

My name is Nickolaus Mack and I am majoring in International Studies and Political Science with a minor in Arabic. I am currently a Freshman, set to graduate in the class of 2019. I am relating the organization that I am currently working at Code of Support Foundation, to my community-based college writing seminar course. This semester, as a research specialist intern, I am developing a national program to connect service members, veterans, and their families with service organizations such as Paws & Stripes. We are a direct service organization because the service profiles that I build are used by the case coordinators who facilitate interaction between those who need help and the organizations themselves. While I have only worked two days so far, I am very much enjoying the work and the team. I feel that I am making a concrete contribution to society and a community that I consider myself a part of.

On my first training day, I took the metro from Tenleytown to Gallery Place and then transferred to the Yellow Line toward Huntington. I got off at my stop [King St.] where my supervisor picked me up and drove me the rest of the way. As today was simply a training/orientation day, I was introduced to the team, sat in on an enjoyable staff meeting, and went through what will become my upcoming responsibilities.

Apparently, I am the first and only intern from American University to work with them, but they’ve all been very open and helpful. Today was a casual Friday so they had brought in bagels for breakfast and sandwiches for lunch. Everyone was relatively laid-back, but engaged in completing their work and reaching their goals. It was really wonderful, productive day! I’m looking forward to my next training day, and then getting to start building service organization profiles. Most of expectations were met, and I was pleasantly surprised by the laid-back, but focused atmosphere. So far, my biggest learning take away has been the imperativeness of extreme detail to accuracy in building service profiles for organization. These profiles need to be extremely accurate so that case coordinators have the proper information when connecting with veterans, service members, and their families. I am going to look into scheduling more days that I am actually at their office instead of working remotely; I like it there.


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