Alexa Edmier | Safe Kids Worldwide

My name is Alexa Edmier and I am a senior Public Health Scholar in the College of Arts and Sciences. As someone who is extremely passionate about Public Health, I saw the Community Service-Learning Program as a way to extend my passion beyond the classroom. I chose to connect my service-learning project with my Public Health Capstone course. I believe that this connection enables me to better achieve my learning objectives of analyzing the public health impacts on a population and evaluating the effectiveness and impact of public health policies, programs, and initiatives in influencing health and lifestyle behaviors.

My interest in maternal and child health inspired me to develop a partnership with Safe Kids Worldwide. Safe Kids is an organization dedicated to preventing unintentional childhood injury worldwide and has over 400 coalitions in the United States, and partner organizations in over 25 countries. The organization uses a variety of programs, educational materials, partnerships, and advocacy campaigns to work towards their mission. Since Safe Kids was founded in 1988, childhood unintentional injury rates in the United Sates have declined by over 60%.

I work in the Global Network department at Safe Kids Worldwide. Since starting at Safe Kids I have worked on a variety of projects aimed at increasing the organization’s reach and in supporting their overall mission. I was able to attend a media event promoting Child Passenger Safety, assist in the development of the organization’s Global Activity Report, research safety conferences, and assist in finding potential international partners.

Safe Kids Worldwide has provided me with countless opportunities to increase my public heath knowledge and to see how nonprofits work. I went into this service-learning project with an open mind, which has allowed me to flourish. I have been able to collaborate on countless projects with this organization and attribute it to my flexibility and lack of initial expectations. I look forward to continuing to work with Safe Kids this semester, and am incredibly thankful for my experience there thus far!


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