Rachel Gordon | Martha’s Table

For CSLP I am working with Martha’s Table. “For over 35 years, Martha’s Table has worked to build a better future for children, their families, and neighbors in Washington, DC by increasing access to education, food, and opportunity. Martha’s Table programs are divided into three initiatives: healthy start, healthy eating, and healthy connections” (http://marthastable.org).  I have been volunteering in the food sector. I am doing my CSLP in conjunction with my Cross Cultural Communications class. My class has challenged the way I view community service. I no longer just see my volunteering as me helping them, because I am also learning valuable lessons through the interactions I have with the people at Martha’s Table.

Last week I worked the weekend lunch. I stood in the doorway of Martha’s Table at 2114 14th St NW, Washington, DC 20009 and handed out sandwiches, muffins and hot meals to community members. Each time a person came in I would ask them how their day was, one mans response stood out to me. He told me it was just as God had intended. His answer confused me. How could someone who was relying on free food still have faith in God? Nonetheless, as I continued to talk to him it became clear that he fervently believed in God, and not only this but he was extremely positive and optimistic about life. His attitude caused me to reflect on how privileged I am and how negative and ungrateful I can be about things in my life. Through this interaction, when someone with so little can be so happy, it reminds me to have a greater appreciation for everything I have.


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