Miracle Smith, Higher Achieve Program

In the Community Service-Learning Project (CSLP) I have been able to work on Higher Achievement Curriculum. While Working on Higher Achievement Curriculum I’ve been able to work alongside with my American Constitution Professor, Professor Lara Schwartz, and a PPL scholar, Asha Smith, on social justice curriculum for 8th graders. During this curriculum, we are trying to come up with lesson plans for teachers to be able to incorporate the Constitution and Social Justice inside their classrooms. One main aspect of this project that I’ve been working on is incorporating arts and creative exercises for students to understand the lessons. The overall topic that the students will be discussing in this class in the differences in dress code for girls and boys. In the exercises the children will be able to tell how they feel about dress code, as well as communicate with their other peers their concerns (if they have any). This allows students to be able to learn how to debate from an early age as well as listen to other’s opinions and learn how everyone sees things differently. Aside from this project I also work at the National Higher Achievement Office where I work on uploading curriculum for DC, VA, PA and Maryland.

Being extremely interested in Education Policy I enjoy working on the curriculum and seeing the thought process that goes into trying to reform curriculum. I also am interested to see the final truly and see how the kids potentially react to the things they’ve been learning in class. I am thankful for CSLP for giving me this opportunity to explore Higher Achievement as well as learn how I can potentially be an agent of change now for younger students.

I would recommend the CSLP Program to any individual who wants to be an agent of change and impact their community. I always say one person can make a huge difference and CSLP gives individuals the opportunity to be that one person. DC is a place where you’re able to work on education, poverty, youth mentorship and so much more so take advantage of that. Know that these people you’re helping do value you and the time you give and just go in it with an open outlook. At the end of the process you’re going to not only teach and help others but you’re now teaching yourself.

One thing I learned from being a part of CSLP is that your help is valued and no matter your grade level you can acquire tasks which challenge you. The program isn’t just to help people it’s also to experience things you’ve never experienced and put your best foot forth. At the end of the day someday in your life you’re going to be the person of influence so start where it counts, impact lives and be passionate about what you’re doing. The more passionate you are the more you will take away from the program. I will do CSLP again maybe even in a different spectrum I’m not used to! #GOAU #CSLPROCKS


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