Margaret Bernauer, Young Ladies of Tomorrow

Hi my name is Maggie Bernauer, I am a freshman in the School of Public Affairs and I am majoring in CLEG. I added on the CSLP credit to my Writing 101 course. For my community service-learning project, I worked with an organization called Young Ladies of Tomorrow. YLOT is an aftercare program that works with young girls who have entered the juvenile justice system. The mission of this organization is to address the needs of at risk urban females and help them to identify a root issue and grow and learn as young adults. The social issue this organization is addressing is the racial and economic disparities within the juvenile justice system and how to ensure at-risk youth get a fair chance at life. The work I have been doing is relating to one of their summer programs called Summer Youth Employment Program, I am developing the curriculum for this program. Once the program starts, I will still be working with program in leading the lessons plans that I created during the semester. For this program, I expected there to be more guidance in the work I was doing. When there was no guidance at all and just a curriculum I had to plan, I just did the work to the best of my ability. Which taught me a big lesson, because I realized after having to redo some of the work that it is better to ask questions about things up front and communicate to understand what exactly they want from me and so everyone is on the same page. Since my writing 101 course is rooted in social justice I have been able to connect the social justice issues I have been exposed to at YLOT to the scholarly articles and discussions we have had in writing about racial, gender, and economic issues. I have learned that it is important to speak up for yourself in a work place to have good communication. Also when in small organizations like YLOT all help and work is useful and it is important to be engaged and interested in your work.


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